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Navslide® Quick Mount

Accessibility of the navigation aid helps maintain a comfortable, functional cockpit.

  • Easy relocation
  • Provides free space in Cockpit
  • For security when moored
  • For use of the same monitor whilst voyage planning at the chart table when in port.


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Navslide® Sliding Bar

Navslide® Sliding Bar, is a development from the patented Sliding Mount designed for mounting on pedestal guardrail tubing. The new Sliding Bar can be mounted on any flat surface, vertically, horizontally or even upside down.


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The Navslide® range of Navigation Monitor Mounts

Navslide AS is continually investing in the onward development of new and innovative products. Already the Navslide® range has increased due to the demand from costumers. We will carry on the development and several more products are on drawing board for new releases next year.  

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Navigation Monitor Sliding Mount

Navslide® has the most versatile monitor mount on the market. The NMSM provides accessibility in all areas around the steering pedestal.

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Adjustable Flat Mount

The Adjustable Flat Mount provides a flexible solution for fixing the monitor on table or bulkhead.

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Adjustable Tubing Mount

The Adjustable Tubing Mount will fit horizontal or vertical tubing in various sizes.

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Tubing Mount

The Tubing Mount will fit various sizes of horizontal tubing, and enables the monitor to be viewed from 360°.


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